Saturday, May 24, 2008

i dare you

God's Word, the Holy Bible, the's changing my life. transforming who i was into who i will be. I can't really explain it, except that the more i "download" it, the more i thirst for it, more i satisfy that thirst, the more  I'm changed from the inside out (Romans 12). It's weird, i never thought I would be reading the bible as a source of joy, life, truth, direction, relationship, etc. There are times where will be reading or studying and I will be overwhelmed with the fact that I'm relying on a historic piece of literature, that I believe is co-authored by sinful, jacked up, selfish, prideful humans, that were inspired and directed by the Holy Spirit. It's this book that I and basing and surrounding my whole life around. It's forming the way I view the world, myself, humanity, Jesus...I'm crazy, right? Isn't it just a set of that if I might follow them, I can then convince myself to be a "good" no means. It's my Father, writing to me his efforts to seek me, for i don't seek him; to love me, for i didn't love him first; to rescue me, I've only ran from him; to actually have relationship with me, when I've only betrayed him. He's looking out for me...revealing how I might have life "abundantly" (John 10:10). Full of love, joy, and peace (Galations 5:22)...and I find that God's Word does what it says it is my source of true life, reality, and transformation. I dare you to read...It will be changed. 

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