Sunday, June 1, 2008

Student Ministry Auction

This past Saturday night, May 31st, we held our 4th Annual auction. In past years, the auction has gone to support our high school ministry. This year our high school ministry and middle school ministry joined forces to make the auction, not only happen, but to be a huge success. The night started out with the normal silent auction and dinner. But to spice up the environment we dimmed the lights and had a live jazz band playing on stage. The food was great and the entertainment was...entertaining, and the testimonies grabbed our hearts. All in all, the night was a huge success. We had exactly 140 people attend, which is 60 more people than last year. We raised $10,000 dollars in scholarship funds, and...drum roll.........raised a grand total of $29,920. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! It was a gigantic win. This dollar amount will be split down the middle between the high school and middle school ministries. As far as how much this lowered camp cost, this will be determined mid-week. I am excited about the turnout and the huge success that the night was. On behalf of our staff, student, and parents, thank you for your donations, support, and prayers for this event. God not only showed up, but he was the highlight of my night. On my way home, I could do nothing but worship my God for being so faithful and good to us. He is good. 


Anonymous said...

thank you Lord! we prayed for it to go well, and were soooo bummed to have to miss it for the first time! glad to hear it went so great.

Infarrantly Creative said...

Rock on that is cool! I am glad it will help m.s. as well.