Monday, June 2, 2008

the new me...

So...what do you think? There was a small movement of people that spread the rumor, "if we raise $_________ at the auction, casey will shave his head." the thing is....I haven't cut my hair since December 19th 2006!!! that's a year and a half. So, Brandon Angelo made the announcement at the beginning of the Auction that if we raise $30, know the rest. As my wife kept a running total, we looked to her for updates. As we worked our way closer to the end of the night, it seemed as if we weren't gonna come close to 30,000, so Dave Galanter started auctioning off swipes to my hair for $50 dollars. That wasn't made my stomach hurt. i didn't want to lose my hair. We raised  nearly $500 extra dollars toward our goal, and at the end of the night...for everyone elses pleasure, the winners, along with a few of my students (which i was really glad) took turns at the death of my "mop." In just a few short minutes my hair was gone. 


First Swipe


As i was saddened by that moment, I have to say that it has been freeing to not have it in my face when I sleep or read a book. To use a dime sized amount of shampoo, instead of half the bottle. So, my conclusing is this. I was bummed in the moment, but today i stand tall not regretting for a minute the small sacrifice made for me.  I love all you bidders and you 8th graders who cleaned up the mess that we called my hair. 


meleea said...

i would have loved seeing that. i like the head shave - i am trying to convince cody to do it for summer. maybe now you will inspire him!!

jlchristblog said...

too funny! my hubby has the shaved head too. i love it!
just don't forget the sunblock when it actually gets nice!!! hahaha

Infarrantly Creative said...

case- what you will do for money! JUST KIDDING! Looks great...I like your hair shag but your hair grows an inch a minute so it won't take you long to grow it back. thanks for turning off the word verification. i love you for that. so how much did you raise?

Shannon said...

I think it was my favorite part of the night! LOL!

It was for a worthy cause!!

aimee graves said...

Well baby, I am very proud of you for loosing your mop and you have no idea how happy I am to have my hot studmuffin back:)

michelle said...

my husband was happy to see your hair gone! probably cause he wants you to look like him or something : )

it does look good. and most important-you're wife likes it better!

Valerie said...

Love the new look Casey. Sorry we missed that part of the auction. Had to go early. You'll be happier this summer.

Kelli said...

Oh I just loved being able to see the pic of the 'first swipe' of your hair cut...your hair drove me crazy with all your head bobs to get it away from your stumbled onto your blog from Shannon's...and btw...the pic on the right side of your main page is FREAKY and it needs to GO AWAY!!! One more thing...pull up those pants at the next wedding for the sake of pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli ;)

Gadget said...

Hey man, How are you?

I realy kinda liked your hai... I mean, mop, B4 you shaved it. But I read on the posts hear that your wife likes it. As long as she likes it. I like it too. But if she dose NOOOOOOT. LOL. Then I do not like it. LOL. But Idc (I don't care lol) if your hair is one way or another. If your wife likes it.... Then.... Your cool. Thanks. :)

Thomas Chidwick


This is my first time looking at your blog. So... You might be seeing alot of posts from me on your other posts. (Also this will be the one and only time that I'll type my name. K? I migh also do it on 2 or 3 more posts... But taht's about it.)

Gadget said...

Hey man. Me again. Why dose your page have like a foren language writting on it? I can not understand of what it says u know? And I do not have a clue whare the log out link is at. Cause I would like to log out safely ya know. So can you get back to me on that? Send me an e-mail at Thanks and have a gr8 day. See ya.