Friday, May 22, 2009

Knowing vs. Believing

Do i really believe Jesus did it...completely? or do I just talk a decent game? Do I just think i believe it? I think if I fully believed that Jesus, in its completeness, erased my sins, rescued me from hopelessness and depression, has given me a regenerate heart and filled me with the Holy Spirit, then I would  be a whole lot more thankful toward Him and quick to give him his due worship and live a life of full surrender.

I know i have a regenerate heart and am full of God's Spirit. I know Jesus willingly gave his life on the Cross, and rose to life. I know, I know, I know...that's the problem, but how does this bleed into my heart in a way that belief results in a different more appreciative and appropriate attitude of praise, love, surrender toward the One who gave up everything for me?

Holy Spirit...I want to be changed...obviously i want to live differently, but more than that...I want to be in love with you!!! You've done all the work up to this point...may I not try to take control or rely on my self to change any longer...Help me love you!!!

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